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Thomasville Oak Diffuser

Thomasville Oak Diffuser

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Thomasville Oak is proudly our signature fragrance inspired by Thomasville, Georgia's most famous landmark, "The Big Oak". This candle has a natural earthy aroma with hints of sage, oakmoss, tonka, and amber. Be prepared to feel just like you are walking under the oaks.

The Reed Diffuser is another fabulous option to enjoy your favorite scent without having to worry about the flame. The scent is just as long-lasting and powerful as a candle, but with the added safety of being flameless. The simple bottle adds an air of modern elegance. This diffuser will look great on an entry way table or a decorative piece to any special space. Flip the Reed sticks as often as you’d like! The more frequently you flip them the more powerful the smell! 

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