Our Story

Each Blake Candle Company candle is hand poured in Thomasville, Georgia by owner Jennifer (Jen) Cannada and co-owner Tyler Cannada. Jen describes her candle making journey as therapeutic. Hand-making candles has brought her the deep satisfaction of creating something with her hands like she watched her father do so often growing up. 

The company name is deeply meaningful to Jen. The name "Blake" has become a family name, passed down from her husband's middle name as the middle name to their son. The name came from a dear friend of her father-in-law who passed away.

The Blake Candle Company story continues to be written as each candle is lit and you live out life's precious moments with us inside your home. As our signature scents fill your rooms, we hope that your heart is filled to the brim with a sense of warmth that only home can bring.